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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 6, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a police officer is attacked in the district but he manages to fight back. the latest details straight ahead. >> the plea from the president for for a short-term budget fix. hundreds of thousands of jobs in our area could be in jeopardy from classrooms to the pentagon. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning to you. straight up 6:00. live look outside right now. the washington monument in the
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background right now. temperatures 31 degrees. a chilly wednesday, hump day, february 6, 2013. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> we do have two school delays to pass along to you. garrett county, maryland public schools are on a two-hour delay and also a two-hour delay for the mountain ridge district in allegany county. a little bit of weather they are dealing with out there. >> yeah, we've had the series of clipper systems and they've been getting a little more each time than what we get around here. a little icy. that is the worst of t to the east of the bay, we are getting reports of fog. otherwise, around here, just some cloud cover to start your morning. your commute should be dry. kids going to the bus stop, it is cold in the low 30s. want to be ready for a february morning. but later this afternoon, a little sunshine. something we haven't done for several days. kind of a typical february day. let's do radar first real quick and show you that there is nothing happening. very quiet conditions out there. we did have a sprinkle or
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flurry as i mentioned with our latest clipper system. that is now pushing to the east here. still some cloud cover for the morning but i think by afternoon, we'll get some sunshine. temperatures, 37 at reagan national. has the warm spot. dulles and bwi marshall, highs today in the mid-40s. should be dry for you this afternoon. officially, we'll call it partly sunny and mid-40s. tomorrow look good. friday does not look good. we could have a wintry mix early friday morning. we'll talk more about that in a minute. time now to see what is going on during our morning commute. >> you were talking about cake. >> now, we all want cake. >> the crew in sky fox happen to be hovering above the beltway at 66. light traffic volume traveling between annandale and merrifield. nix itself is quiet. no accidents reported. toll road is nice and quiet as well leaving 28 headed close in
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towards the capital beltway. let's can't with our ride on northbound 395 as we top up the cameras here coming across the 14th street bridge. no accidents to report working your way over to the southeast- southwest freeway. vre trains coming out of fredericksburg, service has been suspended temporarily. we have problems with a broken rail on one of the tracks and we had a stalled train on another track near the burke station. no incidents to report right now as you travel the top stretch of the beltway. lanes are open leaving college park trying to get past colesville road headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. new this morning, a d.c. police officer is recovering and a suspect is in serious condition following an officer involved shooting. this happened around 11:00 last night when officers were called to a home on 13th street northwest. when they arrived, the suspect attacked one of the officers with a knife. the officer shot at the suspect hitting him in the head. the officer was treated and
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released for puncture wounds. in other top stories, lawmakers have less than one month to strike a deal that will avoid billions of dollars in spending cuts and hundreds of thousands of job losses in our area. >> the massive budget cuts known as sequestration is set to take effect march 1st. president obama is now urging congress to come up with a short-term deal while a longer- term deal is worked out. republicans are standing firm saying they want certain spending cuts and no new tax hikes. >> the president believes that congress ought to take action to buy down the sequester in a balanced way which we did in december so we know what the model looks like to achieve t we would work with congress on the composition of that package. >> this is no greater more imperative than to reduce the mountain of debt that is facing us, our children and theirs. and our house republican majority stands ready for the
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president and his party to join us and actually tackle the big problems facing this country. >> the sequester was created as a compromise between republicans and democrats on fiscal cliff the matters at the end of last year. a decision today could pave the way for the boy scouts of america to allow gay scouts and scout leaders. the organize's national executive board is meeting at its headquarters in irving, texas and is expected to rule on the controversial policy today. they are facing intense pressure from all sides. so far, this morning, thousands of people have taken to the boy scouts of america facebook page to make their voices heard. also today, in a landmark vote, british lawmakers have moved one step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. it must now pass in the house of lords before it can become law. that process could take months. if approved, it is expected to take effect in 2015. maryland governor martin
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o'malley and prince george's county state's attorney angela also brook are testifying today. the state's attorney general has had to drop charges in at least eight cases last year because the statute of limitations expired. a toy gun has landed a local 10-year-old in a lot of trouble. police say the fifth grader at macarthur elementary in alexandria was riding home on the school bus he showed the toy gun for another student. police claim the boy did not say it was fake. the other student's parents reported the incident to police. school officials fouled the toy gun in the boy's bag when he came to school yesterday. the child was arrested and charged with brandishing a well on and he is suspect ended for the time being. a judge will hear arguments from the news media on whether to unseal recent documents related to the chandra levy case. ingmar guandique was convicted
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of killing levy in 2010. in the last two months, the presiding judge held two meeting with the prosecution and the defense over an issue with the trial witness. but he sealed most of it for safety reasons. the judge is expected to make some sort of ruling in court tomorrow. guandique will be brought in from an alabama prison to ascend. a powerful earthquake followed by a deadly tsunami. still ahead, an update from the south pacific. >> plus a dangerous discovery. new insight into what the suspect in the alabama hostage standoff was hiding on his property.  [ ariel ] my mother was never into our coffee at all.
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back now with an update on the powerful earthquake off the solomon islands. disaster team are struggling to reach four villages that were hit by an 8.0 quake that general rated two tsunamis of nearly five feet. the waves hit the western side of santa cruz island damaging about other homes and killing several villagers.
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japan expects a small tsunami to reach its coast in about hand hour. debris from the that isive tsunami two years ago in japan continues to wash ashore on the west cove. this 30-foot fishing boat was discovered on the beach in oregon. the hull points to it having japanese origins. the fbi is still combing over the property of an alabama man who held a now six-year-old boy hostage for seven days. they found two explosive devices. officials said jimmy lee dykes were killed by s.w.a.t. agents after he engaged in a fire fight as they stormed into the buncher and rescued the -- the bunker and rescued the boy. a dramatic change for one of mash's favorite board games and you have just hours to comment on it. -- for one of america's favorite board games.
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forbes is out with its list of most dick liked athletes in america. tied at number one, lapse armstrong and manti te'o. each appeals to just 15% of the public. lance armstrong. >> can i get the lance armstrong thing. >> i'm surprised that kobe bryant wasn't on that list. >> i can see those for different reasons. >> i sort of feel bad for manti te'o. >> why? >> maybe he shouldn't be the most dislined. >> i think there are issues there. >> there are some circumstances there. >> we better move on. >> all right. what's up? >> i don't want to be your most disliked weather forecaster. better hurry. 37 at reagan national. it is cold. it will be a chilly start to
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your day. later this afternoon, partly sunny and mid-40s. hopefully, we'll see some sun. we've been trying to the last couple of days to get a little sun in the forecast. i think we'll get some later today. 37 as memorandummed in washington. 30 in manassas. north and west, our friends in hagerstown, 36 out in winchester. temperatures on the chill iside. this is kind of typical of close to where we should be for early february. not much wind right now butt wind will pick up a little bit here in the wake of the latest clipper system. frederick, seven and eight in haggers up two so we'll get a bit of a breeze as our system moves on through. we are talking about the clipper system. latest one, bringing us cloud cover. you can see most of the action is in new york at the moment. later today, high pressure builds in. that will give us a nice afternoon and then we've got to concern ourselves with late thursday. this will be overfight thursday
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and friday. a coastal system developing. how much cold air is going to wrap into that system will determine how much of a wintry mix we get friday. the potential is out there for a tricky commute early friday for parts of the area as that storminess pushes off to the south and east of us. 44 today, partly sunny, breezy at times. let's worry about today. clear and cold tonight. 30 the overnight low. we should see quiet conditions here for the next couple of days as high pressure builds in. there is your early morning issue friday. a.m. wintry mix transitioning to rain. that could be as you know a slow transition here during the day on friday. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is going on with julie wright. we have agot cake in the building. >> we do? >> yes, we do. >> i just went snooping around the building. i missed that. they must be hiding it. >> they're hiding it from you. >> southbound colesville road here at university boulevard, accident activity along the right side of the road.
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heads up as you travel southbound on 29 headed out towards university boulevard. you want to line up early to the center and to the left to get by. no issues reported at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely. this happens to be 359 northbound leaving edsall road headed out towards duke street. all lanes are open. no issues reported here. eastbound 66 below speed. no issues reported through centreville or headed eastbound through fair oaks. out are loop of the beltway still slowing as you half travel between university boulevard and colville road with lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. the commonwealth now joins d.c. and maryland when it comes to cracking down on drivers who text behind the wheel. state lawmakers in both the senate and house passed bills to increase the fines to $250 and make it a primary offense. so now, police can stop and ticket anyone they see texting behind the wheel. the post office continues to look for ways to dig out of its financial hole and it might look to the weekend to do it.
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there are reports this morning the postmaster general will officially propose cutting saturday mail delivery. the postal service has a new conference scheduled for 10:00 this were nothing in which is it says it will make a big announcement on restructuring plans. reagan national airport will be temporarily transformed into an artist's studio today. morgan monso who you see here will begin work on a painting for his negro league baseball series at the airport in recognition of black history month. the baltimore-base artist will explain his creative process to students at howard university starting at 10:30 this morning in the baggage claim area. a big comeback on wall street. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york for the detail on a look ahead. >> if you are a collector of
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. a popular board game is about to get a makeover. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good porning to you. happy wednesday. >> happy wednesday. how are you? >> i can't complain at all. how are the markets? >> not bad. looking up. perhaps a higher open. nothing drastic in the premarket but the past two days are pretty volatile. we had a 130 point decline on monday and a 99 point rally for the dow jones yesterday. no real reason behind the gains. it is kind of just a market that doesn't want to stay
6:24 am
lower. we are not quite at 14,000 but we could get there today, very close to it. we had a comeback yesterday and it seems like this bullishness is extending past the month of january. >> if you are going to upgrade your smart phone, it will cost you more. >> the 4g network is soup are fast. if you plan to upgrade to that network and rates stay the same, in 2017, your bill will be $40 a month more. why? well, we'll be using 6.2 gigabytes of data a month. to put that in perspective. that is 745% more than we use right now. that is a lot of data. most of it to be because we are streaming from netflix and youtube and hulu and downloading all of that video. but the other thing to consider is that there is also going to be more wi-fi hot spots by the year 2017. so maybe people can kind of save their $40 a month and just
6:25 am
have wi-fi has an option. >> that sound like a great idea and a plan i'm going to go with. from the real money to fake mondayy. monopoly is getting a reboot. >> great transition. someone is getting the boot at mop oply. we'll find out later this morning if it is the wheelbarrow which always tips over, the shoe or the iron that is going to be replaced by a diamond ring, a cat, a robot, a helicopter or a guitar. it is the first major change to the tokens in hasbro's monopoly 78-year-old history. so folks cast their votes as of midnight last night and the announcement coming in a couple of hours from now. i would vote take the wheelbarrow out and put the diamond ring in. >> i would vote to take the iron out. >> as long as the diamond ring is in there, you're good. >> thank you very much.
6:26 am
still ahead, president obama calls for a short-term budget fix but how is his plan sitting with republicans this morning. a live report from capitol hill is coming up. >> and mayor vincent gray outlined his planned for the district last night. we'll tell you what is on the table. plus the caps just can't seem to get it together. so is it time to panic? dave ross will join me for the morning line after the break. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 6:29 right now. live look outside over the washington, d.c. region on wednesday, february 6th. is that right? i can't see. i've been saying it all morning. i should know it by now. i do know it is 2013 and it is cold outside and that february is normally the coldest time of the year. and we usually get snow. this is the snowiest month of the year. >> yeah, we'll see what
6:30 am
happens. maybe we will get a little bit late thursday and early friday. let's get to the forecast for this morning. was that reagan national? >> i think so. >> i couldn't tell. >> it is hard to see. our monitors are right here under the camera. it is hard to see from this distance. >> i could see the river. sometimes all you can see are the lights. >> the camera catches us, and wear like t a live look outside. >> 37 degrees. regional look here at temperatures on the cold side. but it is not brutally cold. detroit is 20. so much of the region and let me mention outside of the district, most of the area is below freezing this morning. satellite-radar, we did have a flurry and/or a sprinkle overnight. that is done with and now we are dealing with cloud cover. i think we'll see lots of clouds here for your start to your day but later this afternoon, partial sunshine. we're hoping to work a little sun in here as high pressure
6:31 am
builds in and temperatures in the mid-40s. it should be a nice dry day today so no issues with your morning commute. later this afternoon, weather will not be a factor as things are relatively quiet here for the next couple of days. 41 in annapolis. upper 30s in you are north and west. 38 in frederick this afternoon with sunshine building in. not going to be perfectly sunny but should be at least partly sunny this afternoon. >> a little bit of sun is fine because it has been so dark. >> it has been a little dark. >> and the snow. >> it puts you in a better mood. >> it doesn't have to be really warm. just the sun, we need the light more than anything. that's my take. >> i agree with you. >> all right. time now to check in with traffic and julie wright. e wri we do have an update on fredericksburg vre because the train service had been temporarily stopped with at least a 30-minute delay due to
6:32 am
a broken rail and we had a disabled train near the burke station. metro is still honoring your vre passes. we'll show you what is happening out here on the highways. for those traveling northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway, accident activity reported before you commit to the beltway. southbound lanes are open. no issue reported out of riverdale. we'll pull up the cameras, southbound 29 at university boulevard. accident activity was tying up the right side of the road. again, expect heavy volume as you work your way through four corners. northbound on 395, volume delays only edsall road trying to get past duke street. no issues reported on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. all lanes are open on the top side of the beltway leaving college park headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. south our big story this morning, showdown on capitol hill as another budget deadline looms. thousands of jobs in our area are at risk. >> automatic spending cuts are set to take effect on march 1st
6:33 am
if congress and the president cannot agree on a long or short term deal. it seems this is becoming all too familiar of a story for lawmakers. >> reporter: we've heard this many times before. president obama no doubt will talk about this with senate democrats today when he meets with them in annapolis for their annual retreat. the president is pushing lawmakers this time for yet another short-term deal to try to avoid the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration that are supposed to kick in in 23 days. now, under the terms of some of those previous budget deals, congress must now find $58 billion in deficit reduction either by raising revenue or closing tax loopholes by march 1st. medicare would take a 2% reduction. the president prefers an option that raises more money by
6:34 am
closing tax loop hoalsz. republicans want to stick with spending cuts saying they've already done the revenue part. a study estimated 448,000 jobs in d.c., maryland and virginia could be affected by automatic budget cuts. the sequestration cuts are unpopular with both parties and there are concerns about the economic impact. >> our economy right now is headed in the right direction and it will stay that way as long as there aren't any more self-inflicted wounds coming out of washington. >> the sooner we solve our spending problem, the sooner our jobs problem will go away as well. >> reporter: you may remember these cuts were originally scheduled to kick in on january 1st because congress could not agree on a broader package for deficit reduction back in 2011 and 2012 in exchange for republicans agreeing to raise the debt ceiling. they were once again pushed off for of -- 60 days as part of
6:35 am
the fiscal cliff negotiations. the president believes he can buy more time and perhaps lawmakers will come to an agreement and so he is pushing for yet another short-term deal. but there are some republicans here on capitol hill that say maybe they are willing to let the sequestrations, these automatic cuts kick in because they believe there has been too much kicking the can down the road and they think this may be the only way to achieve true deficit reduction. duction. back to you guys. >> time is running out quickly. thank you. d.c. mayor vincent gray focused on the successes of the city during his third annual state of the district address. last night's speech was held at the sixth and i historic synagogue in northwest. the mayor rolled off a number of achievements that he says prove the district is well on its way to being a big league world class city. he touted a drop in climb, unprecedented development and the creation of 2,000 private sexer jobs in the last two years. >> the district's unemployment rate has declined by nearly three full percentage points. >> look where the city is moving, how the city is moving
6:36 am
forward both fiscally, we're fiscally sound. we are the envy of many cities in america. america. a d.c. council member is introducing a bill to make it all but impossible to cheat on standardized tests in d.c. public schools. david catania's legislation would make it a violation of district law for teachers to allow cheating. any teacher or principal found guilty would lose their license and face thousands of dollars in fines. the bill is in response to reports of cheating that led to unusually high test scores. ate a plea -- a plea deal is in the work for a northern virginia man face terrorism charges after shooting a security guard this summer. last summer, authorities say he walked into the family research
6:37 am
council's headquarters and shot the guard. the guard survived. >> time now not morning line. >> you remember that song? >> i don't remember t i got a lot going on. got three kid and a wife. i'm in the a kingle man running around the commonwealth like you. -- i'm he not a kingle man running around the commonwealth like you -- i'm in the a single man running around the commonwealth -- i'm not a single man running around the commonwealth. >> do you enjoy a good party. >> i used to before i had three kid and a wife. >> they had a really good party in charm city. tucker barnes was like live reporting. he had a great vantage point of
6:38 am
the tens of thousands of people as you see here. it started early on in the day about 11:00 and they made their way over to m & t stadium and 08,000 people packed the stadium. >> that is how you do it. >> so if you wonder, tuck told me at one point they had a steelers suck chant that started up. do you have a problem with that one team calling on another team on their big day. >> it is your moment. you shouldn't even acknowledge the steelers. >> to come in this with a yellow steelers shirt on. >> there was a steelers fan. >> if he this show up, you be like this is our day. >> ray has the trophy now. it is in the hall of fame. give baltimore their day. a lot of people have been saying they don't like to see baltimore do this because it makes them think as redskins fans they haven't seen it in so long. >> it is fine. >> they'll get another one
6:39 am
here. >> we think. >> let's just stay in the moment. >> baltimore is only 45 miles away. it is fine. relax. enjoy the trophy. >> we are anot enjoying what has been happening at the verizon center. i have a question that i want to propose to you. which team is better, is it the capitals would last night lost again 3-2 to toronto. i got there. it was 2-0. and they immediately scored but that good luck charm quickly worn out. it was nicky backstrom gnome night. i don't know what to do with that. they are the worst. the washington wizards on no longer the worst team. >> where are they? >> they are one game better than share hot. >> they are the second worst team in the eastern conference. >> but i would like to point out something you said a couple of weeks ago. up said john wall should be
6:40 am
shut down to the whole year. remember that. >> i remember that. >> since he has come back, they are 7-7 with the guy you wanted to shut down. >> weren't they the worst team before? >> and they're second worst? >> 7-7 with onwall which would make them eighth best in the even conference. >> but they are still second worst. >> because he didn't play the other games. >> by half a game. >> let's use logic. 7-7 with john wall. ating best in the eastern conference. would you like to switch your opinion, dr. martin? >> no, here is why. they are the second worst team in the eastern conference. >> we'll do an off the wall segment on this, i do believe. for you no, i win, you lose. >> raise the bar, dave. >> my expectations in they are at the roof. >> not if you are talking about the second worst team in the east. >> 7-7 since onwall came back.
6:41 am
sawyer a? >> are you done? >> ic so. >> ic so. still ahead, some tense moments in egypt as the president of iran pays a visit. but first, how about some free birthday cake today? giant is celebrating its 77th anniversary. happy birthday, giant. in honor of the big occasion, the grossery store chain is giving with a free slices of cake at all of its 170 stores in d.c., maryland, virginia around delaware. can you join in the tasty fun today from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. a tuturkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon, or a tuna salad when the job is done, sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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[ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. the president of iran got a warm reception on his first trip to egypt in three decades. but when he visited a mosque in cairo, someone threw a shoe at him. it is one of the most insulting things to do in the middle east. the shoe hit his bodyguard and
6:45 am
they escorted him away. he is in egypt for an international islamic conference which starts today. president barack obama is set to make his first visit to israel as president next month. has trip also includes stops in jordan and the we bank as the u.s. is trying to revive peace talks. the upcoming visit could above the mr. obama's image there. we are now getting a peek bee mind the curtain into the obama administration's justification for targeting and killing american citizens suspected of terrorism. it comes as one of the faces of the drone program prepares for its confirmation to the stop spot in the cia. john brennan is president obama's choice to be the next cia director and will face sufficient questions about the drone program at his confirmation hearings tomorrow. >> let's check in with talker. >> nice, cold start to your day. temperatures falling back for the most part in the upper 20s and low 30s. we are chilly but hoping for a little sun later today with temperatures in the mid-40s.
6:46 am
so no travel issues if you are headed to the airport, that kind of thing. let's kick it off bay look at the numbers. a quick reminder, the kids going to the bus stop will want to be prepared for a cold winter morning as we've fallen back into the upper 20s and low 30s no much of the area. 32 in quantity you co. 28 in leonardtown. 32 in baltimore and in gaithersburg. and i mentioned 37 here in town. 30 in morning out in culpeper. our average daytime high now in the mid-40s. i think we'll get real close to that. we are hoping for about 44, 45 this afternoon. it is all about getting some sunshine. we've been trying to work it into the forecast for the last couple of days. haven't had a whole lot of luck with the series of clipper systems that has been coming through. latest and last in our series of clipper systems moving through as we peek. it did bring a few flurries and light sprinkles to the area during the overnight hours. high pressure will build in and that should give us a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of a breeze here from the north and west and a quiet forecast
6:47 am
for the day for today and tomorrow. as we get into late thursday an early friday, we'll have our next storm system approach from the south and east. i want to hoe you on futurecast. things could get interesting around here late thursday, early friday. here we are tonight at 6:00 again. we will cloud up tomorrow and there we go. by early friday morning, as the storm pushes up along the coast of the carolinas, it will likely try to slow some moisture back towards the washington area. just like has been the case for much of the winter here, that rain-snow line likely to set up across the 95 corridor here so north and west, we could have issues early friday morning. enough warm air will surge up into the area that most of the day should feature rolando paulino for most of the region. you can seat snow hangs tough here north and west. still a lot of question marks but just kind of put that in your date book that early friday morning, we could have some weather issues. breezy as the system moves on out. 44 your daytime high. not a bad looking day. 30 the overnight low with clear
6:48 am
skies and here is your accu- weather seven-day forecast. as we get into the day tomorrow, clouds roll in with highs about 40. could be dealing with a wintry mix early friday morning. we have abeen promising warmer temperatures all week. by sunday and monday, we'll get a nice little break here from the up with ther time temperatures near 50 and sunny on sunday. sunday. >> sounds good. >> tony perkins. >> hello, hello, hello. guess what it is time for. ask tony and tucker. >> how did yesterday's question go by the way? >> it was fine. gwen and i did it. >> what was it? >> it was a very dry topic. it was about thawing your meat. >> glad i missed it. >> very direct and to the point
6:49 am
there. yes, it was exactly what it was about. >> listen, i have a question. today, question comes from me and i'm directing it to tucker. can you tell us all about yesterday and your persons. >> what a great event it was for the city of baltimore and the state of maryland, for anybody who is a ravens fan. there were people from all over the place, west virginia, maryland. i know around here that there is another team that people care about. so not everybody cares about the ravens. for those that did, the city of baltimore, it was a great party. it was amazing how well everybody got along, how patient everybody was. it was very cold outside. we were forced to wait for more than an extra hour after they told us the parade was going to start and everybody was just celebrating, singing and having fun and dancing. >> you were saying that you -- if you were there early enough, you could get very close to the players and all of that. >> not only could you get close but the players got out of the vehicle and went down the line
6:50 am
and celebrated with everybody. >> these are pictures that i took. and i was able to get fairly close. that is ed reid holding the super bowl rovey. >> it was amazing how the player were holding the super bowl trophy like it was a loaf of bread. >> they were letting people touch in. >> that was ed reid later. they were like handing it off to each other. it was just amazing. i'm like please don't drop it. baltimore will never get another one. that is ray lewis and a great story about ray lewis. he is the end of the parade so as the parade took off, his was at last vehicle. well, people weren't satisfied just getting a glimpse of him. they wanted to chase him down the road. >> he was in his car ready to leave. >> no, he was in the aroundorred vehicle. >> there was no real order. >> it got a little chaotic there at the end. that is a pick i took.
6:51 am
remember in the morning when i was doing the report from the -- from city hall, that is what happened about an hour later. >> look like the inauguration. >> there were literally tens of thousands of people there to see it. school kids, clearly the teachers brought them out of class. >> 80,000 people packed the stadium. they to close the gates and people were climbing over the fence to get a glimpse. >> hopefully, we'll do it again in washington. i went for a couple of parades back when the redskins won and what struck you is what strikes me or struck me way back when. what is great about it is it is a diversion for everybody. it is a football game. we know it is just a game but it's chance to celebrate and those are the few times when
6:52 am
you see people, white being black, tall, short, democrat, republican, whatever, everyone just loves each other. you are hugging each other. it is just -- >> it is so true. >> it is one of the few times we really get that. that is what is so great about it. >> it was wonderful. we need to bring one to wash because it has been a while. >> did you do any crowd surfing? that would have been fun. >> i wouldn't dare do that up there. >> you may not come back with all your limbs. >> tomorrow, we'll get back to the regular ask tony and tucker. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. there you go. >> this may be the last time we talk about the ravens and their win. are you okay with this? she has her dallas blue on right now by the way. >> i know, right. i'm like really? >> hanging on for dear live. >> i do root for the home teen when it comes to hockey and i'm
6:53 am
not having a good soap so far. so congratulation i even wore purple for you yesterday. >> you did? >> you didn't notice? >> i couldn't see anything. >> that is what he said when he hit me in the car with the parking lot yesterday. i couldn't see you. congratulation. glad you got to go and glad you had a fun time. heavy volume to calm this commute headed southbound and no relief in sight for those conning out of gaithersburg. again, heavy moderate volume as you continue. you are in the thick of it as you continue south towards 124. we do have accident activity to report. this is going to tie up your commute if you are traveling northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway. crash occurred before you reach the capital beltway. still dealing with the accident southbound 29 at university boulevard. line up early to the left to get by. delays on 359 there the beltway to duke street and crossing over the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5
6:54 am
on-time traffic. our very own holly morris is dancing her way to the kennedy center this morning. >> she is getting a behind the scene look at the work of a man who has been creating dances for decades. we are even going to meet one of the performers who calls maryland home. we're back after this. er this. we're e sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
6:55 am
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there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy wednesday to you. you know it's going to be a good morning when we're starting in the kennedy center. doesn't get much better than the american dance theater which is in town right now only through sunday and do we have special things planned this morning for you. we're going to meet two of the dancers. renee robinson. the last dancer in the company to be selected by alvin himself. we'll talk
6:58 am
about that. also, we're going to meet alicia mac. she is someone right from our area. renee is too. alicia trained in columbia maryland. she gets some rehearsal time in and spend time with the artistic director. he's very special. only the third person to ever lead the company. the company started way back in 1958. now in its 55th year. how much it has really participated in throughout the years and what it's meant not only for black dancers but the dance community in general and how do you go on about carrying on that legacy and the most important information which is how do you get tickets to any of the shows going on here through sunday. >> that's what we want to know, holy. thanks. >> time now to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the
6:59 am
day. tina mae brown. thank you tina for watching. we appreciate it. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now, let's send it over to allison and tony. happy wednesday. >> happy hump day. thank you very much. coming up on fox 5 morning news. under attack. >> a routine call ends with one dc police officer stabbed in the back while another opens fire. we have an update on the officer's condition and the latest on the officer's condition. >> reporter: 23 days and counting down to sequestration. calling on congress to stop the automatic spending cuts from kicking in. >> and later, a middle finger pointed up. while flipping off a judge caught one inmate extra time behind bars. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news.


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